Vaeinx Fit Games


   5 Minutes – $40.00

4/$100 (Valued $140)

Boost Metabolism, Improve Energy, Liver Detox, Promote Fat Loss.

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   5 Minutes – $40.00

3/$100 (Valued $120)

Muscle support. Give yourself the edge you need in the gym. This blend aids in muscle mass and recovery.

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Styku Scan

   5 Minutes – $35.00

$35 (Valued $59);or 4/$100 (Valued $198)



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Cryo Slim


best results with 5 or more sessions.

5/$1250 (Valued $1750)

A form of body sculpting, utilizing liquid CO2 to cause Cryolipolysis. The dead fat cells are then discarded through the lymphatic system, resulting in not only subtle immediate results but continued permanent weight loss within 7-21 days.

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Cryo Facial


4/$400 (Valued $600)

Cryo Facials harness the benefits of targeted cold therapy to firm the skin and boost collagen levels aka “Frotox” This relaxing 10-minute procedure smooths away fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars while balancing skin tone.


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