3D Body Scans

Ideal for everyone, from gym enthusiasts to those just starting their fitness journey!

3D Body Scans

Discover the future of fitness with the Styku 3D Body Scanner! In under a minute, get a 360-degree view of your body in 3D. Track your fitness journey with clear visuals, see where you’re toning up, and understand your body’s changes in a simple and easy-to-read format.

Styku 3D Body Scanner Pricing

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   Non-member – $50.00

    Member – $35.00

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Capture your full body in 3D in just seconds.

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See Your Progress

Visually track changes in body shape and size.

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Key Metrics:

Get insights on body fat, lean mass, and more.

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3D Body Scan FAQs

What is a 3D body scan?
A 3D body scan is a non-invasive imaging technique that captures a detailed three-dimensional representation of a person’s body. It provides a comprehensive view of the body’s shape, size, and contours.
How does a 3D body scan work?
3D body scans typically use advanced imaging technologies such as laser scanners or structured light to create a 3D model of the body. The person stands still while the scanner captures multiple data points to construct the 3D image.
What are the applications of 3D body scans?
3D body scans have a wide range of applications, including body measurements for clothing and apparel design, fitness and health assessments, tracking body composition changes, and medical purposes like surgical planning and prosthetics.
Is a 3D body scan safe?
Yes, 3D body scans are generally safe and non-invasive. They do not involve exposure to harmful radiation, making them a safe method for capturing detailed body images.
Are there any side effects?

Rare: allergic reaction, air embolism, infection Minor: redness/bruising at injection site, metallic taste, feeling coolness in veins, flush.

How long does a 3D body scan take, and is it comfortable?
The duration of a 3D body scan can vary, but it typically takes only a few minutes. Most people find the process comfortable, as it only involves standing or sitting still while the scanner captures the necessary data points.