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NAD+ Loading dose


$4250.005 treatments given as close together as possible within 10 days. For the maintenance phase, most patients get one IV per month after the loading dose, but some prefer biweekly Each patient is unique.

Reverse the hands of time with the anti-aging benefits of NAD. The majority of persons making use of NAD+ treatments are busy executives and high-performing athletes looking for an energetic boost and heightened clarity.

Fit Bride

$980 (Valued $1105)

  • 8 Be-Lean shots
  • Teeth whitening
  • 2 Inner Beauty
  • 1 cryo Facial
  • 1-2mo prior to wedding

Post Bachelor/ette Party

Minimum party of 5 is $200.00/+person

Just had the rager of a lifetime thanks to your best pals. Now you’re regretting all those drinks instead of focusing on preparing for the 5 hours until your beautiful wife walks down that aisle and the last thing you want her to see is you all pale-faced, sweaty, and looking queasy. Something similar to the walking dead. With a sight like that she might just leave you at the alter (kidding). Seriously though, don’t be that guy.

Show your wife you can party and be responsible, through preparation by prepurchasing this package of Blackout or Powerhouse drips for you and the crew.

Minimum party of 5 is $200/+person.

ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet®

$39.99 ( One day trial )
I’m so excited to share more details about a 5-day meal program that is backed by 20 years and $36 Million in research and development. It’s called ProLon®—the world’s first and only “Fasting Mimicking Diet®.” ProLon was developed to give you the benefits of a prolonged fast. It has been shown to:

Reduce visceral fat while maintaining lean body massInitiate cellular clean-up (autophagy).
Help maintain healthy levels of metabolic markers.
And more…all without giving up food!