Genetic Testing

Feeling a bit off but can’t pinpoint why? We offer a variety of lab tests to help identify imbalances, then with your results, we can customize a wellness plan to optimize your levels of health.

Hormone testing

An imbalance of just one hormone can initiate an avalanche of events that alters other hormones, and just like nutrients, hormones influence our mood, sleep, metabolism, immunity, heart health, and even our appearance. So Vaein offers a comprehensive panel for males and females to look at their overall hormone balance.

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Cardio-Metabolic Testing

Your cellular metabolism and your cardiovascular system are intricately linked. Our personal chemistry controls these changes and they can be through Glycemic Control, Lipid Profile, and Vascular Inflammation.

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The gut microbiome plays a critical role in mediating the effects of diet and other factors on health, including digestive, immune, metabolic, and neuroendocrine functions. Assessing GI health with the proper tools can help practitioners

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MRT Food Sensitivity Test

MRT gives insight into inflammation-provoking foods and food chemicals, but more importantly, MRT identifies your patient’s BEST foods.

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Thyroid Testing

Thyroid function plays an important role in regulating weight, energy, body temperature, mood, and overall health.

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Micronutrient Testing

Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and not just in the words we speak but in the foods we eat. Nutritional status varies profoundly from person to person, and the micronutrient test will tell you exactly the micronutrients in which you’re deficient. It will tell how well cells can withstand oxidative stress, how well cells are metabolizing carbohydrates and how adeptly cells function when launching an immune response.

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Genetic Testing Faq’s

What is genetic testing?
Lab tests use blood, saliva, and sometimes urine. They are very important in measuring your current health.
Why get this testing?
Everyone should have a clear understanding of their personal being. Identify imbalances, be proactive, and get a real customized wellness plan.
Where are these labs collected?
Varies, depending on the test ordered you may receive a package at home for self-collection, but more likely to be referred to a partnered lab.
How are these labs collected?
Blood, urine, saliva
Who has access to my results?
Your info is protected under HIPAA laws, meaning only you, the lab, and your provider or others directly involved in your care where such information is vital is privy to such data. We cannot disclose your results to anyone else without your permission.