IV Therapy

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other fluids are administered directly into your bloodstream via venous puncture, allowing 100% bioavailability. Opposed to when taken by mouth and only getting 10-50%, in relation to each persons digestive health.

Medical Consultation

Medical consultation: 20 minutes – $30.00 – must be completed for all new customers prior to any services. Existing customers must also renew their medical consultation every 6 months. Our licensed medical providers will review your medical history and current health. Via forms filled out prior to your consultation.

Super Immunity

   45 Minutes – $395.00

Give your body the ultimate immunity boost against infections, mental & physical performance.

Best use – Cold/Flu/Cough/Sore Throat/Fever/Post-Op

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   45 Minutes – $395.00

Perfectly crafted to help with balance, well-being, focus, and clarity.

Best use – Jetlag/Headache/Allergies/Fatigue /Spasms

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Fit Drip

   45 Minutes – $355.00

Burn fat, Boost Metabolism, Boost Energy, Mental Clarity, Detox & Cleanse.

Best use – wt loss/performance/recovery/enhance fitness

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Inner Beauty

   45 Minutes – $355.00

Promote beautiful, healthy, youthful looking skin, hair, and nails

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   45 Minutes – $395.00

Fast recovery from severe hangover symptoms. Flush out toxins and restore vitamin levels.

Best use – performance/recovery/hangover.

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   45 Minutes – $355.00

Extra immunity boost helps improve your body’s ability to protect itself against viral infections.

Best use – Flu/Covid/Herpes

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   120 Minutes – $999.00

Found in virtually all living cells, NAD+ is essential to sustaining life. As we age, OUR NAD+ levels decrease. Restoring these levels will enhance energy production and retention, DNA repair, and cellular defense. It may also help prevent diseases like diabetes and cancer. Besides it’s anti-aging benefits NAD is used to combat a variety of mental conditions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, and addiction.

FastVitaminIV® is added at the end of each treatment, patients notice a significant positive difference with the way they felt, from sleep quality to an increase in exercise intensity. (Already included in price no need to purchase separate.) All new clients must receive loading dose, prior to purchasing a 1-time maintenance doses.

Loading dose= 5 treatments, given as close together as possible within 1 week. See packages to make an initial purchase.

Best use- Addiction/stress/inflammation/anti-aging/mental clarity

Initila Treatment

FastVitamin IV

   5 Minutes – $225.00

FastVitaminIV® is an innovative and proprietary blend of 19 different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are “pushed” taking between 30 to 60 seconds to administer

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What Is IV Therapy?

The quickest way to hydrate and supply your body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that optimize functionality.

100% bioavailability via bypassing the digestive system & going directly to the bloodstream

What is IV therapy?
One of the most efficient ways to deliver fluids, medicine, and nutrients to the body. Bypassing the stomach for a 90-100% absorption rate and immediate bioavailability. Unlike 20-50% oral intake.
Why get IV therapy?
Hydrate, Detox, Anti-aging, Boost Immunity, Increase Energy, Enhance performance
Does it hurt?
Subjective, but if any, it is brief and due to insertion of the needle, then no more. The needle is removed after catheter placement and no longer needed for the duration of treatment.
Is it safe?
Combine who performs and where do you get supplies and change name to “Is it safe?” Yes. Staff are experienced medical personnel. Ingredients are supplied from accredited pharmacies. Supplies are the same brands and grade that hospitals use.
Are there any side effects?
Rare: allergic reaction, air embolism, infection Minor: redness/bruising at injection site, metallic taste, feeling coolness in veins, flush.
Do you accept insurance?
We do not at this time. We accept Debit, Credit, and Paypal.