Shot Bar

Running short on time and can’t sit for a full IV vitamin infusion, but looking for the benefit? Give your body a quick boost, by getting a quick shot.

Must have a party of 5+ persons or IV therapy to book Shot bar services through concierge appointments. Otherwise, Shot bar options are only available in person: at events, partner collaborations, and popup shops.


   5 Minutes – $50.00

Tri-Immunity plus. Antioxidants and minerals that boost the body’s immune response to combat infections and aid in healing.

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   5 Minutes – $45.00

(B12) Increase Energy & Focus, Improve Mood & Memory, Boost Metabolism.

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   5 Minutes – $40.00

Boost Metabolism, Improve Energy, Liver Detox, Promote Fat Loss.

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   5 Minutes – $45.00

Muscle support. Give yourself the edge you need in the gym. This blend aids in muscle mass and recovery.

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   5 Minutes – $50.00

Glutathione. The mother of all antioxidants. Slow down the aging process! Clear & lighten skin. Detox, boost immune system, anti-inflammatory, and raise energy levels.

Best use – performance/recovery/hangover.

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Shot Bar Faq’s

What is IM injections?
Another way to quickly administer medication and nutrients into the body.
Why should I get IM injections?
Best when short on time, but still want the benefit of IV. Wt loss, immunity, energy, performance, add to beauty routine.
Is it safe?
Yes. Staff are experienced medical personnel. Ingredients are supplied from accredited pharmacies. Supplies are the same brands and grade that hospitals use.
Does it hurt?
Subjective, but if any, it is brief and due to insertion of the needle, and may linger for a few minutes due to going in muscle.
Side effects?

Rare: allergic reaction, infection Minor: redness/bruising at the injection site, pain at site.

Where can I get injections if I don't have group of 5?
Follow us on social media to keep up with our pop locations at different events and businesses. We are attempting to partner with local gyms to offer our services every other week. You can always reach out to ask.