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Performance Medicine

An innovative sub-specialty that combines the desired outcomes of preventative health, anti-aging medicine, functional medicine, and sports medicine. The principles of evidence-based medicine are not applied to treat disease in this sub-specialty but are instead used to PREVENT disease and OPTIMIZE levels of well-being and function.

Have You Ever Questioned The Nature Of Your Reality?

Everything we do at Væin is motivated by one simple yet powerful premise: Health starts at the cellular level, and sickness begins with the breakdown of cellular health. We believe that by hacking into your genetic code and mapping out your gene expression we can target the cells for rejuvenation to support a long, healthy, and vital life that is resilient to disease. All of our therapies, formulas, and services are backed by science and tailored specifically for you.

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IV therapy

The most efficient and safe way to deliver vital nutrients to your body. Whether you’re sick, hungover, jet-lagged, or an athlete, we carry several therapeutic drips to suit your needs.

Shot Bar

A quick solution to increase energy, boost immunity, and decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

Targeted Cryotherapy

Ideal for athletes, wellness enthusiasts, or anyone seeking a modern approach to holistic health and beauty!


Restore NAD+ levels and fight the physical effects of aging, enhance energy production and retention, DNA repair, and cellular defense, reduce depression and anxiety, combat chronic fatigue, and sleep disturbances, and help relieve you of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

WHY Væin

We recognize most of us are juggling work, hectic schedules, and daily responsibilities that make it difficult to carve out any “you time.” The problem with that is, that all these stresses can lead to poor nutritional choices, bad habits, and little to no exercise. That’s why we modeled our entire business around you. First, by supporting your body’s innate healing ability through natural, nourishing, and rejuvenating alternative practices. Second, by coordinating a diet, exercise, and supplement plan specific to your biological needs. Third, by providing convenience through concierge appointments and coming to you wherever you are.